One of my favorite pre-workout meals in the morning is overnight oats! It’s ready to go right when I wake up, all I have to do is warm it up and put on any toppings!

It provides me with healthy carbs and low fat to help give me energy to fuel my workout/day!

I have never followed a specific recipe, I kind of just winged it and created my own! Now keep in mind you can swap out some of the ingredients or add any that suits your taste/lifestyle.

For this particular recipe You will need 100% whole old fashioned oats, I just have Great Value brand. Some sort of protein, I have Quest peanut butter (It is low in sugar and carbs), unsweetened almond milk,  Chia seeds, banana extract and a sweetener, I love to use Johnny Moo’s Caramel Latte Milk Infusion, it is caffeinated and sugar free! I squeeze just a little into my bowl to add a yummy sweetened flavor! (If you do not have this Stevia is a great sugar free option!) You will need some sort of container, you could use a mason jar (my preference) or simply use Tupperware.


Put all of your ingredients into your mason jar and shake shake shake!! Or stir if you prefer! At this point I always check to see if I need to add more almond milk or not, you want your consistency to be not to runny, and not to thick, you want enough moisture for the oats to absorb overnight. Than place in fridge and forget about it until morning!


When you wake up in the morning you should have a perfectly thick and moist oatmeal! Scoop into your favorite bowl and microwave for apx. 40-60 seconds (varies depending on microwave). Then add whatever toppings you would like! Today I chose to add 1/2 sliced banana, a couple raspberries and a dash of cinnamon. And WALLAAAHH! You have a simple and delicious, low fat and healthy carb, protein packed breakfast!




1/2 cup 100% whole old fashioned oats

1/2 scoop protein (preferably <1 gram of sugar)

1/2-3/4 cups of unsweetened almond milk

1/2 tbls of chia seeds

1/2 tsp (apx) of banana extract

Sugar free sweetener of choice

**Top with whatever you would like!

Mix all together in mason jar and refrigerate overnight. Warm up when ready to eat and add toppings! Enjoy!