20578534460_b930117926_zHere I stand yet again, staring at a sink full of dishes. They are massively over flowing …again. There are dishes in the sink, on the counter, on the stove…how did it get this bad? We just did them a couple days ago?? Where do I even start?

These were just a few of the thoughts rolling around in my head as I begrudgingly forced myself to enter my kitchen and begin cleaning. As I began the daunting task I thought to myself, this time after they are all clean I will keep them clean…I will clean the dishes and load the dishwasher after every meal…then I chuckled! HA! Like I hadn’t had this brilliant plan before.

Every time my  kitchen got this bad, I would vow that I would keep on top of it and not let it pile up…but alas every few days, there it was again…the monster load of dishes!

I started thinking…my kitchen sink reflects my body. By that I mean, my self discipline/lack thereof in my kitchen reflects in my physical wellness. How so, you might ask?

Just like my dishes, I have always let my weight and health pile up, choosing to ignore the problem….then one day deciding I must address the issue and make changes…I go into it with the best intentions, but ultimately I don’t follow through with any of my “commitments.” Just like our dishes pile up after every meal, so does the weight and health issues after every bad decision….one on top of the other, until the mess becomes so overwhelming, you don’t know where to begin.

One cheat meal wont hurt…but one turns into two! Missing two days in a row at the gym wont hurt me, but 2 turns into 3. One dish in the sink wont be so bad…but one turns into 4. You feel me??

The discipline you have in your everyday life, and simple tasks REFLECTS in your personal and physical life! And that my friends is because you can’t change your body until you change your mind! You have to chose discipline and self control in every aspect of you life, every single day! Maybe if we start overcoming and becoming self disciplined in these smaller areas in our lives we will see a bigger change!

So lets try get up and make our beds in the morning. Lets try keep on top of that laundry! Lets try  keep those dishes form piling up! But most importantly, lets try hit the gym regularly, lets try to eat healthy more often then not, not just for a day, but for a lifetime! Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again like I have. Don’t stare at a pile of dirty dishes wishing you had handled them before they got this bad.

Don’t stare at the scale one day, or your health, or your life, wishing you had done something to change it before it got this bad.


So, what do you choose, a clean sink or a dirty sink??