Today was my day off and it was a BUSY day. A day full of errands, fun stuff! Matt and I were unable to go to the gym before he went to work so when I finally had a chance to go it was already 4:30. Me and Matt usually go to the gym around 8-10 in the morning, so of course I was tempted to skip, after staying so busy all day, but I knew I needed to go!

As I was driving to the gym I was bracing myself mentally for those judgmental looks because I knew the people at the gym would be a crowd of people who had not seen me at the gym before. People who don’t know how hard I have worked and how far I have come. I was thinking they would probably think it was my first day round these parts! I took a deep breathe, sucked it up and got to work!

Of course there were people I had not seen before, but I just tried to block them out. I got my butt on the stair climber hit start and let the sweat begin to pour. I got a lot of looks, I never know if people are thinking, ugh look at that fat chick panting and sweating like a pig, or if they are thinking, good job! I am still trying to teach myself that it DOES NOT MATTER what they think. I am proud of myself, I KNOW how hard I am working and that is what matters.

SO I finished my 20 minutes of torture on the stair climber ( side note, when I first started I could barely do 3 minutes) and then moved on to the old school weight room, then after that I moved to the other weight room with the more advanced weight machinery, this room is semi attached to the room with all of the cardio equipment. As I was passing through I saw this very obese woman on the treadmill walking. The first thought in my mind was, man lady you got work harder if you want to see results….and then I paused….I couldn’t believe it. I was doing EXACTLY what I always dread from others, I was judging. In that moment I quickly scolded myself and reminded myself of the first day I walked into the gym, the first day that I had little drive and little experience. The day I could barely keep up and just walking 5 minutes on the treadmill killed my calves and back.

And then instead of judging that woman, I wanted to shout YOU GO GIRL! I went on into the weight room, and a few minutes later she came in, she looked at me and I gave her a huge smile. Part of me wanted to go encourage her and tell her she is doing awesome and to keep it up, but I got nervous so I didn’t. BUT as I have thought about it more, I know if I see her there again I will  not be timid and I will give her a shout out.

I hope that as I move forward in this fitness journey that I can reflect back on this moment and remember never to judge anyone, to stay humble, and to encourage anyone and everyone I can!

Welp, that is all I have for today folks! Have a blessed Wednesday!!

Lots of love,