Today I would like to share with you about THM (or Trim Healthy Mama).  This is a  meal plan that my family has had a lot of success with, in fact, many many woman and men have had a lot of success with it.


I have always been reluctant to get completely on board with this plan, reasons being that I felt it took a lot more time and preparation then my traditional cooking and could be costly.  I have dabbled in it, dipped my toe in to the water but have never completely been committed.

Well for the past couple weeks as I have drawn nearer to the Lord, I have felt him putting THM on my heart. You see, not only do I struggle with my weight, but lately  I have been struggling with extreme fatigue, hair loss and emotional highs and lows. As I sought God in prayer over these issues I kept feeling in my heart to submit to him and get on board with THM. Finally this week I did just that, I said OK God lets do it…and I am super excited to get on board and see some amazing results! As you can see below my cat is pretty stoked as well! Haha, silly cat jumped in my picture, and it was too cute not to share!


So, let me tell you a little about Trim Healthy Mama. First off, I am not crazy about the name, haha cuz we aren’t all mama’s, but it was created my two sisters who are indeed mothers. Serene and Pearl were tired of following the same old fads and done with listening to the world when it comes to diet and nutrition. From what I have read, they never were over weight, in fact, I believe Serene was a vegan, so they weren’t looking for a fad diet, but they were looking for healthy. Not including all food groups was leaving them malnourished.

They began seeking God and reading scriptures to discover what he intended for us to eat. They determined that God did in fact want us eating all the things he has created, from greens to natural fats to red meat. So they began eating all God had to offer, the fruits, the vegetables, the meats, the dairy, the  healthy fats….but soon it began to effect their waste line. So, they returned to the drawing board and started doing some research and THM is the result.

In THM you separate your meals into 3 basic categories, E (energizing) and S (Satisfying) and FP (Fuel Pull). An E meal is a meal that is founded on healthy carbs, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes or whole grain oats, mixed with a lean protein source. An E meal is to have up to 45 grams of Carbs and less then 5 grams of Fat. A S meal is the opposite, it is your traditional low carb meal. With an S meal you can indulge in healthy fats such as dairy, nuts and meats. With an S meal you are to have less then 10 grams of carbs per meal. A FP meal is a combo of both, less then 5 grams of fat and less then 10 grams of carbs. (When you have no more weight to loose you incorporate cross overs and s helpers into your meals).

So essentially the idea is that you have carbs, and you can have fats, but you separate them! The concept is that your body can only burn one fuel at a time, carbs or fats, and when you have a meal with both, one gets stored while one acts as an energy source, which leads to weight gain.

As I have said I have dabbled in this plan before and seen some success, but have never stuck to it long term to have claim victory. I am hoping to change that! This plan, has a lot more to offer then weight loss, it offers health. There are many recipes that include super foods that have so many healthy benefits!

For example, they have a drink called Good Girl Moon Shine or GGMS (no there is no alcohol in this!). This drink is an all day sipper that uses lemon, stevia, ginger and apple cider vinegar to give you a refreshing boost! I have been drinking this daily for the past week and already am reaping the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV). I am snacking less and my cravings have significantly decreased. Also my stomach just feels better, less bloated and blah!

Have you ever looked into what all it does for your health?? Its amazing! For starters, because of the peptides in it, it helps to curb your appetite! It also has many other wonderful benefits such as lowering blood pressure, detoxing the body, reducing acid re-flux, fights cancer, fights colds, cures candida, and the list goes on!

Another awesome ingredient used in THM is Collagen. I have yet to use this one but am super excited to try it out! I just received it in the mail today! I have read over the wonderful benefits it has as well, such as helping with joint pain and arthritis, aiding in skin and hair health, and just in general health and wellness, and I am super excited to see the changes it will make in my health!

The list goes on and on my friends. THM has so much more to offer then just another diet, so much more then weight loss… is a lifestyle the offers freedom…freedom from the shame, from the guilt, from the fads, from the diets, and from sickness. I am almost more excited about finding wellness then I am in losing weight, but then again, losing the weight will most definitely  aid in my over all wellness!

I can’t wait to share my testimonies and recipes with you as I embark on this journey! Lot of low carb goodness coming your way ya’ll!

If you have any questions about THM, I would love to do my best to share/answer to the best of my ability.So hit me up, don’t be shy!

Well until next time! Be blessed my friends!