There are some things that take you back. Certain songs, certain smells, certain people….some things just take you back to a good place, a bad place, a sad place, a happy place….any place at all really. As I am sitting here typing this I have a candle lit, and for some reason the smell reminds me of my honeymoon, and my first days of marriage. Why? I have no idea…perhaps I had a similar candle back then, or maybe the smell is similar to one that was on our honeymoon. But…isn’t that just weird…how our senses our so in tune with our memory? One second your in the real world and in a flash you are in memory land.

I feel like fall does that to me. Does it do that to you? Or am I alone in this. For some reason every fall, I get so nostalgic. Like a happy and a sad nostalgic…if that makes any sense at all. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. I think that, even though January is technically the beginning of a new year, that we actually associate fall with a new year, a new beginning. Fall is the end of summer, and the beginning of the four seasons.

With new beginnings come new aspirations, but also old regrets……new chances, but old memories. It is a time to reflect on what was, and what could of been. It is an opportunity to change the things we hate, but also to appreciate the things in the past that have molded us into who we are today.

We have made mistakes…we have also had some of the best days of our lives. I think the enemy wants to use this time to make us feel sad…like the best years are over, that the crazy journey of our youth is over. But…it is such a lie. The past can be sweet, it can be sad, it can be joyous or sorrowful….but the future…that is unknown…that is a beautiful mystery. We have so much life ahead of us, and we cannot let the change of seasons define our spirit.

Yes Fall brings new opportunities, new chances, new dreams….while the leaves our dying, our spirits can be growing, our mentality can be sharpening, our emotions can be embracing. This time of year is so empowering, so encouraging, so eye opening.

I pray that while those beautifully colored leaves begin to fall, as the air becomes cool and crisp, as those fall scented candles come out and the baking commences, that we take a moment to reflect on what was, and what could be.  Look around, take it in, soak it up….these moments are worth remembering. Lets slow down and enjoy the the beauty that surrounds us. Lets breathe deep and slow and welcome the change that is in the air.

Take a walk. Make a goal. Reach out to a loved one. Forgive an old friend. Make yourself a priority. Get out of the house. Take time to reflect. Say a heart felt prayer. Open up God’s word and remember his promises. Tell those close to you that you love them. Look at old pictures. Forgive yourself. Let go of the past hurts. Reminisce on the good. Look forward to the new. Embrace the new seasons….embrace change…embrace yourself….and let your senses lead you into a beautiful new year.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!
God Bless!