Here we are, another year almost over.

What have we accomplished? Some of us have accomplished much, and others not so much. Which are you?

A new year brings a new perspective, a new resolution, a new outlook, a new goal…a new year brings a new hope.

365 days…..were they wasted or put to good use? Did you spend those days loving yourself and others? Did you spend those days pushing yourself to new heights? Was a day wasted?

The new year can be saddening and  also hopeful at the same time as we reflect on the things we didn’t accomplish and as we make new goals for the future. New goals to succeed or fail in.

Did 2016 suck? Did yesterday suck? Who cares. Lets stop focusing on the past and focus on the next day ahead of us. Stop worrying about the whole next year, and worry about today. Take it one day at a time. One success at a time. One failure at a time.

As for the past…forget those failures. Forget the short-comings. Forget the brokenness. Forget the regrets. Forget the mistakes. Forget the negative.

Lets focus on the good to come. The things we can change. The goals we can reach. Lets focus on the positive things ahead.

It is about to be a new year… have 365 days to change your world. Take it one day at a time and lets see what happens.