“I’ve made more mistakes then I can count.
I’ve experienced the lowest of lows.
I know, its a long road. Yes, I know.
This time is different, I’d hear myself say.
This time I’ll make it, the darkness won’t get to me.
I know its a long road, yes I know.
People who don’t battle
the same darkness inside of me will never know.
It’s like fighting quicksand,
one step foward & then your pulled back in.
I know its a long road, yes I know.
As I grew tired and my body became weak,
that is when he reached for me.
A hand reached out and grabbed my soul
and He said, let it go.
He said, I know its a long road, yes I know.
I know your lost, but I will help you find your way.
I know its a long road, but the pain,
its time to let it go.
I know its a long road,
but I’ll help you carry on.
This road has never been easy,
but this road, this road is our song.
A beatiful disaster about a perfect storm.
It had to be real, it had to be raw,
it had to get to this point for me to fall before you God.
I know its a long road,
yes Lord I know, but I also know
Im not alone.”
-Cherri Gervais
This was a song/prayer that came to me tonight…..and I hope, no matter what season in life you are in, that it can help encourage you. Our strife, our struggle, our pain….we may not understand it, but it can be used for something beautiful, our stories shape us and our testemonies show His grace, His love and His beauty. This road is long, but my friends, we are not alone.